We are CliQQ

CliQQ Photography is a team of class-leading photographers, directors and digital artists creating extraordinary visuals for demanding clients in the UK and abroad.

In the studio or on location, CliQQ works with top creative agencies, celebrities, magazines and a wide range of commercial clients, all of whom look to them to lead the way in developing and directing the creative brief, as well as handling all the planning, booking and other complex logistic stuff that comes along with every shoot they undertake.


Totally cross-genre image specialists working in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sport, celebrity, interiors, food, healthcare and more.


Flawless skin, perfect packaging, dramatic special effects, subtle mood changes… CliQQ’s retouch artists can perform miracles at a moment’s notice.


Producing, directing, filming and editing great quality HD video content to help clients improve their online penetration and consumer appeal.


Huge creatively inspiring space with 6m ceilings, make-up area and the very latest in lighting, camera and image viewing technology. Take the tour
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