Video Production

We take the same meticulous attention to lighting and framing from our stills photography into our video production. Whether you are a startup or a multinational organisation we can scale our crew to bring your vision to life, on budget, all with the same passion and dedication you would expect from CliQQ. 

First Light Cycle –

First Light Cycle is a new and exciting gym located in Westfield shopping mall, London. With light enhanced exercise, First Light are bringing a new approach to how you workout, and it was our job to capture this. It was a great day with the First Light team and we definitely felt the energy from the class!

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Woodbridge Violins

Woodbridge Violins is situated on the Market Hill in the historic town of Woodbridge in Suffolk. Established in 1991, Woodbridge Violins make, restore and deal violins of all ages. Our mission was to showcase the hard work that goes into what they do and capture the calm, creative atmosphere of their workshop.

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Lavenham Butchers –
Deer Stalker

The good folks at Lavenham butchers say their shop ethos is “we care about food miles, high welfare and supporting our great Suffolk Farmer’s”. That became apparent to us as we drove down the road with Greg and his dog Gus to nearby farmland that they work with for an afternoon of deer stalking.

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Typoretum – Printing

Established since 2008, Typoretum was founded by Justin Knopp and his wife Cecilia in response to the recent revival of letterpress printing. Today Typoretum is a busy, family run, contemporary letterpress design & printing studio offering a wide variety of services.

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of a day in the life of Typoretum, and we straight away knew we needed to try and capture the calm, humble atmosphere that hits you when you walk in and greeted by Justin and Cecilia.

By chance they were printing work by the iconic Mr Bingo that day so we got to film some of his tradmark illustrations being hot foil stamped on the Heidelberg Press.

Special thank you to British Sea Power for allowing us to use ‘The Happiness’ on this film.

Find out more about Typoretum on their website here.

Neville Tatham –
Slipware Ceramics

Originating from Durham in the Northeast of England, Neville Tatham now works from his home in Essex, England since 2003. You’ll find him at the bottom of the garden in his studio, where he uses British Terracotta clay to make contemporary Slipware using traditional techniques, sustainable materials and firing methods. From first sketch to final piece, Neville puts care and attention into every single pot he makes, and was a pleasure to watch him at work.

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Sean Phelan –
Gilding & Design

As part of our Artisan series, we went to Sean Phelan’s studio to capture the art of gilding. The shoot did come with some challenges, the biggest being that he specialises in convex mirrors, making them near impossible to hide from. All the lighting and angles had to be carefully worked out to ensure we could get the shots Sean needed without having the camera or lighting equipment in the reflections.

Sean has a passion for life and beauty and this shines through in his work. In 1996, based in London, Sean became a gilders apprentice, studying the fine craftsmanship of mirror gilding. Just two years later Sean set up a studio on Lillie road, London, dedicated to 17th-20th Century mirror restoration. Today Sean’s studio is based in the Cotswolds in Churchill, near Chipping Norton where he continues to restore, create and bring to life antique mirror frames. It was a dream location for us to shoot these kind of environmental portraits.

He offers truly bespoke mirror gilding services including antique mirror restoration, sourcing mirrors, unique gilding creations, and collaborations with designers, artists, architects and home owners

You can find his work at

Sam Evans –
Inglorious Motorcycles

Sam builds bespoke motorcycles from the shed at the bottom of his garden in Layer Breton, Essex. He works alone, sometimes spending months crafting bikes for his customers. In an age of mass production it was refreshing to see a craftsman at work and be able to capture it in such a cinematic way.

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