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CliQQ Photography is unquestionably one of the most versatile and exciting commercial studios in the UK today. Bursting with fresh ideas and new and innovative approaches to creative challenges, CliQQ has been surprising its clients since 2011. Formed from a crack team of pioneering and experienced visual artists who share an infectious drive to continue to be the best there is in still photography, high end retouching and video production, CliQQ is quickly building a loyal and passionate following across the country.

With long histories in magazine publishing, graphic design and all areas of commercial photography and post-production, the team at CliQQ are leading the way in creating their own exciting briefs for shoots, often coming at them from totally unexpected directions and producing results that clients would never have deemed feasible within their budgets or time constraints.

CliQQ brings the UK a totally cross-genre image making service. They are specialists in every sector of visual production including celebrity, fashion, sport, beauty, interiors, textiles, food & drink, crafts, gardening, corporate portraits, events & high-volume catalogue or pack shot work.

CliQQ’s professional approach, distinctive working methods and incredible results have seen their work gracing the covers of hundreds of glossies and trade magazines, on billboards, bus stops and posters all over major cities, filling the pages of catalogues, cook books & brochures, and of course helping countless websites to look fabulous.

CliQQ were by far the most professional and creative agency we have worked with for many years. So impressed were we with the images that we have shared them globally with our other branches and are using them on our biggest customer’s website.

I could not recommend the team highly enough.

Alex Tibbits

Marketing Manager, York Fitness

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Meet the Team

Ant Jones

Ant Jones

Founder/Manager, Photographer, Videographer

Ant set up CliQQ Photography in 2011. With a lifelong background in photography and 10 years in magazine editing, where he was briefing photographers and journalists on a daily basis, Ant couldn’t be better placed to help his clients turn their ideas into stunning pictures, all the time keeping a keen eye on the small matters of meeting deadlines, keeping to budget and flexing with ever-changing briefs. Aside from his talent behind the lens, Ant’s other main assets include his limitless flow of ideas in the planning stages of every shoot, and his infectious energy and enthusiasm for the people around him. The results speak for themselves again and again, as do the client testimonials.

Oliver Suckling

Oliver Suckling

Photographer, Videographer, Designer

Oliver has been working with images his whole adult life, starting out as a designer where he produced advertising campaigns for multi-national clients. Working with difficult briefs and deadlines made it a great learning ground and he relished the challenge of coming up with new ideas day in day out. He became known for his Photoshop composites and complicated retouches. However, it didn’t take long for Oliver to step out from the behind the Mac and grab his camera…and he hasn’t looked back since. After working freelance for a year he joined CliQQ in 2011 because he was hungry and needed to pay his mortgage. His technical approach to photography was the perfect complement to CliQQ’s portfolio of talents. Oliver is equally at home working out a complicated lighting setup or indulging himself in an intense eight-hour retouch.

Michelle Briers

Michelle Briers

Production Manager, Retouch Artist, Video Editor

Michelle runs CliQQ’s editing suite where she performs her legendary brand of digital alchemy on still and moving images. She joined CliQQ in the summer of 2012, and with her she brought more than a decade of experience in high-end image manipulation coupled with an easy disposition that makes her a real pleasure to work with. Her meticulous approach to her work also makes her a perfect match for the world of video editing, where she painstakingly picks through the hours and days of footage her colleagues dump on her and somehow manages to end up with beautifully cut moving images.

Kris Myerscough

Kris Myerscough

Assistant Photographer, Retouch Artist

Over the years Kris has worked for numerous film companies and photography studios, and has brought his magic touch to glossy magazine shoots, high-end family portraits and prestigious national ad campaigns. With such a broad range of experience in his portfolio, Kris merrily multi-tasks his way through the busy days at CliQQ, either nit-picking the hell out of images on Photoshop for hours, assisting and shooting in the studio and on location, or grafting away with the rest of the team on complex video shoots.

See us in action

CliQQ Studio

Featuring everything you need to get the job done, plus a crew of top professionals who know exactly how to get the best out of it. CliQQ is one of a small number of drive-in photography studios in the UK, featuring lofty 6m high ceilings in a 2000sq ft studio with full black-out facilities, a vast, packed props room, hair & makeup area, cooking facilities, wide range of backgrounds and room set options, and unlimited free parking.

Taking full advantage of the versatile space and high performance professional Profoto lighting, the crew at CliQQ could be spotted shooting celebrities for a fitness magazine in one part of the studio, while at the other end piling up a mountain of vegetables for New Covent Garden Soup Company. Or building a room set for Homemaker magazine. Or suspending Intersport tennis racquets from the ceiling. Or shooting jewellery in glorious close-up. Or persuading elderly models to dance the Waltz for a lifestyle brochure. The list is endless, so just check out the portfolio if you want proof.

CliQQ is extremely well connected, so can take care of everything including selecting and booking models, hair & makeup, wardrobe, props, location scouting & booking, and catering. Their contacts in the industry also mean they will always be able to access these services at a much more competitive rate than their clients ever could.

Don’t forget, although CliQQ work out of a great studio, they are also location specialists and some of their most extraordinary work has been produced in some rather unexpected places. And they are always very happy to travel to the client, wherever they are in the world, if this is more convenient.

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